Sunday, July 3, 2011

Butterfly Puddles

     In nature, it is a great lesson for us  to see how interdependent everything is! Thanks to my own parents, I walk through the woods in amazement and I hope to instill this in children. I was grateful to see that the local animals read the planned lesson on looking for animal tracks near the brook and cooperated with us the previous evening by visiting the brook. We found deer tracks, raccoon tracks, and skunk tracks! I think some children left nature camp that day with a sense of amazement.
     We had an opportunity to have a positive effect on our local ecosystem this week at nature camp. A butterfly puddle is a great addition to a butterfly garden. It creates an area that butterflies can find the water and minerals they need. Below is a link detailing how to create one for your garden. You know, out of the invertabrates, butterflies are probably easy to love but it's a good place to start living this principle!

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