Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yoga Walks

Recently, I went for a walk in the woods with one of my sisters. We had an hour free between the two of us and we decided to walk up a New England hill for half an hour and then walk down for the next half hour so she could make it on time for her next commitment. We were thrilled to make it to the peak before we had to go back. It was wonderful and energizing!

Some walks in nature have destinations and some do not. I do not judge them because of these qualities. Both are important as energizers or respites or inspiration. That hour in the woods lead to my sister creating walks with yoga! (I think anyway because the next day...there she was with a yoga mat in tow and she practiced yoga overlooking a pond). Anyway, I thought this would be an awesome idea to share with children.

          Becky's yoga walk

In the classroom, my kindergarten students love having a yoga mat and direction cards available during their Daily Five Literacy Choice time. It gives a wonderful motor break/centering time to anyone who needs it. The kids at the New Hartford Farmers Market have proven it's a draw. It's a kid station I have open every time I visit. Yoga and the outdoors is a natural fit!